Entertainment and Technology Branding and Rebranding – 4Q09

As your business grows, it is important that your website grows with it. A content management system (CMS) allows you to better manage and customize your site and make important updates about your firm as they occur, giving you more control of your site and your brand. While keeping a website up to date can be difficult, time-consuming, and potentially costly, a CMS is a simple, user-friendly solution to keep content fresh, restructure your site, and manage a large media collection, from anywhere, without any code or HTML issues. With a CMS to execute technical details, build the menus and navigation, and keep page layouts and design consistent, you can focus on reaching your target audience, as well as your company’s goals.

News from Inside Articulation

Articulation partnered with a growing film and television production company, building and designing a custom website to showcase the broad capabilities and diverse body of work. In addition to web design and content development, the project involved significant media conversion and optimization to incorporate the firm’s media assets, moving logo, and action stills of their productions around the globe. The company’s latest program, Two Weeks in Hell, which details the trials of Green Beret selection, is currently airing on the Discovery Channel.

Inside the Industry

As your company moves into the New Year, it is important to review your strategic marketing plan to see how your branding needs have changed in the past four quarters. When updating your brand, it is important to assess the overall growth strategy of your firm, pinpoint long and short-term goals, and analyze past successes and failures to ensure that each initiative is tailored to your specific needs. Your re-branding book should include:

  • A strategic plan with creative and functional needs and goals for the brand
  • Analysis of external factors, such as any changes in your target audience’s needs or buying patterns
  • Full competitive market overview to ensure that you identify your competitive advantages and differentiate the brand from other offerings

Using strong web, media, print, and press strategies, your company can effectively communicate and build lasting relationships with its target audiences. With the right combination of strategic thinking, creative insight, and innovation, you can achieve business growth and success in any economic environment.

Current Projects

In the fourth quarter, a leading web technology training company approached Articulation to take their synchronous online learning platform to a national level. Targeting individuals, developers, and large-scale corporations, our team worked with company leaders to completely re-launch their brand. The project consisted of design, core messaging, content development, and a multi-pronged marketing plan that includes industry announcements and press materials to communicate the firm’s deep experience and unique offerings: live interactive web technology training. With the help of their new brand, the firm truly offers the future of web training…now.