Fashion Industry Marketing Strategies That Work

The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing markets with global revenue expected to rise to 1.5 trillion in 2020.[1] However, this growth in the fashion industry inevitably brings growth in the competition as well. With an increasingly competitive environment, targeted and personalized fashion industry marketing strategies can elevate your brand and ensure that you have the competitive advantage. Detailed below are four important components when it comes to fashion industry marketing.


The Four Keys to Fashion Industry Marketing

To differentiate yourself from the competition and highlight what makes you unique, it is critical to have a strategic marketing strategy. Part of having a strategic marketing strategy includes having an effectively branded and differentiated online presence as well as a fully developed social media presence to drive web traffic and boost sales. Another important part of fashion industry marketing involves having an optimized visual marketing strategy to ensure that your marketing materials are tailored for your targeted audience. Lastly, having a strong email marketing strategy that is effective and personalized will be successful in driving ROI and aid in finding new leads for your business.

Online Presence

In this day, when everyone is digitally connected, it is important to have an online presence by having a website with an optimized mobile user experience that effectively conveys your fashion brand strategy. Having just a website is no longer enough when it comes to the fashion industry. A perfectly responsive mobile environment will maximize your brand awareness and better inform consumers about new products, sales and relative industry news. A high-quality website design in the fashion industry will not only showcase your brand but also increase online traffic. Having a poorly designed website is a quick way to turn away potential customers as this will reflect poorly on your brand. Take into account the fact that a company’s credibility is 75% based on the company’s website design.[2] A website sets the first impression with customers and builds trust between the customers and the brand. It is important that your website is well-designed for simple user navigation and has all the information necessary to keep customers updated on your brand. Your website should also clearly convey your brand strategy, allowing customers to find you, learn about you and trust you which then leads to them doing business with you.

Having a great mobile experience is just as necessary as having your desktop experience as fashion-focused online shoppers are 50% more likely to use their phone to make a purchase rather than their laptop or PC.[3] To ensure that your mobile users are satisfied, make sure that your mobile site has the same high-quality design of your website and is also user-friendly for consumers.

Website Redesign for K. Brunini Jewels

Articulation Agency did a complete web and mobile site overhaul for K. Brunini Jewels that focused on showcasing its unique art and design. The new site layout and design increased user functionality and prioritized imagery to give visitors a refreshed view of K. Brunini Jewels. Both the desktop and mobile experiences are consistent in branding to keep in line with the overall theme and maintain brand cohesiveness.

Social Media Marketing for the Fashion Industry

Social media is an absolute must in fashion. People are 49% more likely to use social media for product discovery and research before making a purchase.[4] This is where your future users can discover your brand and it is a cost effective and easy way to display your products and engage with a global audience. The two social media channels being used the most are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has 2.4 billion active users and Instagram has more than 1 billion active users.[1] Let’s take a quick look at why and how to use social media effectively to grow your brand.

Visual Marketing and Brand Articulation for the Fashion Industry

Visual marketing is another important component when it comes to your marketing strategy. Visual marketing material is more likely to get clicked on and shared which means more exposure for your brand. It also helps consumers retain information about your brand even after they’ve clicked off. At Articulation Agency, we create engaging, eye-catching content to ensure that your brand is the one that consumers remember. The use of product photos and video will help your customers get a clear idea of what you’re selling and enable you to tell a story about your brand visually. Visual content generally generates more views per post than other content pieces, thus resulting in higher engagement and views.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is especially powerful since it’s effective and delivers a high ROI. For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return of $38.[1] Its effectiveness lies with the ability to send tailored emails to new and existing customers. One way to ensure that your emails are both effective and targeted is to use a drip campaign. A drip campaign, also known as automated email campaign, helps attract and target the right audience. It does so by having a set of automated emails that are sent out on a schedule. These automated emails are sent out to certain subscribers depending on their status as well as their behavior.

You can increase your email marketing ROI by segmenting your email list, allowing you to better your campaign results by sending more targeting emails. This increases your ROI because not all subscribers will want the same thing and segmentation allows you to email more relevant information to subscribers. Personalizing your email campaigns is another way to increase your ROI because it drives engagement with current and new subscribers. Tailoring your emails is key to ensure that your subscribers feel connected to your brand. Another factor to keep in mind is timing your email campaigns. When scheduling your email campaigns, time them so they are sent out at the most optimal time for the highest open rate.

Email marketing also makes it easy to share both content and social media accounts. Being able to integrate multiple types of media and links gives you more exposure to your customers since you can include attachments and links to relevant content as well as your site and social media channels. Email marketing is one of the most versatile forms of marketing and allows you to effectively engage your audience.

Our best practices in fashion industry marketing help brands increase their customer base and effectively grow their business. Having an online presence, through both web and mobile, allows you to compete in a crowded space. Articulation Agency specializes in growing brands through strategies that have been meticulously tested and proved. Being active on social media allows you to directly showcase your brand to millions of people who can then turn into customers. The use of visuals in marketing garners more attention and clicks which can help sell your brand and tell your customers who you are. Email marketing is a tried and true method that delivers a high ROI and is easily integrated with your other marketing methods. Fashion brands must utilize these marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd.

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