Sticky Websites and Real Estate – 1Q06

Audi launched a 3-month, all-inclusive campaign last April for their new premium compact car, the A3. Considered the most unconventional marketing campaign of the year, it began with a fictionalized theft of an A3 from a Manhattan dealership and then evolved into “alternate reality gaming.” A microsite encouraged prospects to follow the adventures of the two specialists hired to track down the A3 using digital clues hidden in Audi’s across the country. Traditional TV and print ads then emerged, asking people to help find the stolen Audi, and the campaign spread to almost all forms of media. The game has generated 4 times more online buzz for the A3, engaged over 200,000 people in a day, and attracted 79% more qualified visitors to the Audi site. Audi’s success is due to their understanding of their target market and their ability to uniquely engage that market with their brand and their “Never Follow” philosophy. It makes sense to take note of this 360 degree, cross media marketing success story.

News from Inside Articulation 

With additional staff and resources, we have expanded our scope and our range of service offerings. Recently, the team has been working closely with a local home builder on the advertising, marketing, and communications plans to help bring several luxury condo projects to market. The campaigns have included the creative and design for billboards, exterior signage, web advertising, magazine advertising, direct mail, email pieces, and traditional brochures. The first project, a 50-unit condo conversion in Brentwood, is scheduled to hit the market this spring.

Inside the Industry 

We are constantly charged with efforts to keep users on our websites, to view the information that we work so hard to post and to absorb our brands. Following these steps will make your site “sticky” and keep your visitors happy and coming back:

  • Make your site familiar—users tend to stay on sites where they are comfortable with information and navigation.
  • Keep your site simple—optimize your site to be faster and easier to navigate.
  • Tell your story—explain what differentiates you and illustrate your company’s human side.
  • Update content regularly—you will get repeat visitors if your site has something new to offer.
  • Archive pages—people may return to your site for past information.
  • Test labels and links and fine-tune your site after launch—correct flaws and analyze what works and eliminate what doesn’t.
  • Establish trust—put your users at ease and establish credibility.
  • Empower visitors—let your viewers find what they want and make them feel in charge of the experience.
  • Current Projects

    The firm is currently developing a website and working on a corporate identity enhancement for an employment law firm headquartered in Long Beach. We are creating the content and messaging to best convey the expertise and specialization of the firm and to best communicate with its pool of potential clients. In addition, we are creating the design, look, and visual identity to position the firm for long-term success. Leveraging our expertise across the professional services industries and our membership in and the resources available from the Legal Marketing Association, the website is expected to launch in March 2006.