As the leader in design and development software, Adobe helps customers create, deliver and optimize compelling content and application through their content authoring, customer experience management and online marketing solutions. Through our relationship with high-end eLearning and development shop eSyncTraining, Articulation contributed design work on a custom Closed Captioning pod for Adobe Connect. The team at Articulation provided architecture and design for both the user interface and user experience. The challenge was to maximize accessibility and functionality, while creating a clean, modern look that seamlessly integrates into the Adobe Connect workspace. With the new custom pod, Adobe is able to effectively deliver and manage Closed Captioning services across versions of Connect Pro.

In addition, the Articulation team also assisted eSyncTraining in the product design and marketing of another custom pod for the legal industry. The pod, released in 2013, facilitates real-time depositions through Adobe Connect and was the subject of a recent case study by Adobe.