Articulation Completes Internal Rebrand – 1Q08

Articulation recently completed a full introspective analysis and determined that in 1Q08, an internal re-brand was a top priority. Our efforts included creating a new logo, refreshing all content, and designing and building a new website that is better organized with easier navigation and more interactive features and content. In working on our own re-brand, we took the opportunity to pinpoint our visual identity, extend our core messaging, and add the scope, growth, and breadth of the client work we have done last few years.

Our new logo extends the brand’s core union of innovation, creativity, and strategy, with a streamlined and cleaner look to really embody the direction we are taking the firm. The re-brand was done to help support the growth of the firm, with new additions to both our LA and NY creative staff. We aim to build a stronger connection with our clients, offering comprehensive branding, marketing, and PR creative service solutions. As of March 2008, we are now expressing more.

Xerox Re-brands After 40 Years

One of the world’s most recognizable brands recently re-branded their company. In early 2008, Xerox launched its new logo, calling it a “modern style that visually communicates the openness and approachable nature of the company.” Xerox has come a long way in the past 40 years, and was looking for an updated look that showcased its evolution as a technological provider and partner. The use simple use of block colors clearly reflects the company’s user friendly attitude and the relative spacing and rounded letters feel more modern, yet also more approachable. The company is able to leverage very powerful brand recognition, as the company’s name has actually become common lexicon for the service it provides—every branders dream.

Yet, since launching the new logo, the firm and its branding partner have come under a bit of fire in design forums as its X-sphere has been seen as part of a current trend of similar web 2.0 design aesthetics that have launched in the last couple years.

Xerox or X-box? Both names start and end with X, but is that where the similarities end? You decide…

Time to Re-brand?

Business is constantly evolving and branding needs are a part of this process. Periodic self analysis is important in determining the timeline for and the approach of a re-brand—the decision has to be tied to your overall growth strategy of the company. It is time to review the strategic marketing plan and ask three vital questions.

  • Has the firm accomplished business and marketing goals?
  • How have the company’s long-term vision and goals changed?
  • Is the business poised for marketing success?

Before embarking on re-brand, it is also important to do the necessary background research. Truly pinpointing goals and analyzing past successes and failures will help put you on a successful path. Your re-branding book should include:

  • A strategic plan with creative and functional needs and goals for the brand.
  • Analysis of external factors, such as any changes in your target audience’s needs or buying patterns.
  • Full competitive market overview to ensure that you identify your competitive advantages and differentiate the brand from other offerings.

Strong brands aim to build lasting relationships with audiences for future business success. With strategic thinking and creative insight brands can build web, media, print, and press material to express more about your company.

Recent Re-brand 

The design, web, and content teams at Articulation recently launched a re-branded online identity and comprehensive new website for a major online video and photo digitization business headquartered in Arizona. The market leader in digital home movie conversion sought assistance in re-launching and re-branding its consumer-facing website and marketing materials.

The firm needed a new look to better convey its products and services to a national audience. The new site has much deeper content, a much more interactive architecture, better delineated product lines, and a clean and sophisticated user interface. The site recently launched to rave reviews and significant success for the firm.