Twitter’s Growing B2B Importance, Jewelry Website Design – 1Q11

According to a survey by the Worldcom Public Relations Group, 54% of Business to Business company leaders will increase spending on social media this year. Twitter is the most popular avenue with 85% of global respondents followed by Facebook (74%) and LinkedIn (72%). According to the Worldcom B2B Practice Group, this survey shows that companies recognize the importance of social media, but are still working to find the best way to portray their brand through these different mediums. Due to the increased budgets, we can expect to see an increased level of comfort with social media this time next year.

Noteworthy Communication

It’s been another busy quarter for K. Brunini Jewels and the Articulation Agency. KBJ, a couture jewelry company based in Sand Diego, successfully completed its 10 year business plan in fourth quarter 2010. Using Constant Contact for the couture jewelry company’s newsletters and updates, the team gathered and analyzed data to find the most effective way to grab the attention of KBJ’s existing clients as well as attracting new business. The Articulation development team is also working on the build-out of an intricate backend management system to streamline inventory and image management.

News from Inside Articulation

Carlin and Buchsbaum, a leader in employment law in California, recently enlisted Articulation to redesign their brand and corporate website. Ready to develop and implement a new look, C&B enlisted the help of Articulation to develop new functionality and a new design scheme. Using Word Press as a Content Management System to build and run the new site, the team worked to revamp the Carlin and Buchsbaum name through a fresh design, updated brand identity, new web content, and detailed search engine optimization. As a result of the updated brand, newly designed website and SEO, Carlin & Buchsbaum is experiencing a growing client base while simultaneously attracting top talent in the employment law field.

Current Projects

In the first quarter, Articulation supported the launch of Marc Robillard’s sophomore album, “Left London”. Through the utilization of social networking sites, the team set out to expand Robillard’s fan base, strengthen his brand, and garner increased visibility for maximum impact when the CD hit the shelves. Articulation’s efforts included design of the album artwork, social networking sites and marketing materials that all came together to ensure a successful launch.