Articulation Agency’s Growing Marketing Team – 2Q11

This quarter, Articulation Agency complemented its practice with a new hire to manage and meet the growing needs of their clientele. The team is joined by Colleen O’Brien, a Marketing Manager who is well-versed in branding, social networking and public relations tactics, with experience working for a wide range of companies across a variety of industries. As the importance of social media becomes more pronounced, Colleen is a valuable resource for Articulation’s clients. The team at Articulation is now even more equipped to provide clients with innovative branding, marketing and design through their strategy, creativity, and innovation.

Inside the Industry

According to Facebook, the company’s ad revenue in 2010 totaled 1.86 billion—and that is just the beginning. Busy developing new techniques, Facebook is working to make ads more viable for companies through their “Sponsored Stories program.” Launched in January, this method of advertising integrates the user experience with the paid advertisements, such as a friend “liking” a particular brand or company showing up on a friend’s news feed while an ad for the same brand or company is displayed elsewhere on the page. Only a few months after its launch, usability studies are already reflecting its success—users are twice as likely to remember the brand and four times more likely to take action. According to Facebook, these brands get “liked” by 50 million people per day.

Noteworthy Communication

It was another successful quarter for the team at Articulation and K. Brunini Jewels. In preparation for the prestigious Couture Jewelry show in Las Vegas, KBJ called on Articulation Agency to design and implement the Couture booth display and produce the trade show materials. The booth featured large logo images and sweeping high-fashion photographs affixed directly to the walls. The trade show materials brought together the unique booth design and KBJ’s signature branding for optimal marketing to clients at the show. With the bold, eye-catching booth visuals and their beautiful couture pieces, KBJ enjoyed another rousing success.

Current Projects

Singer songwriter Marc Robillard is enjoying growing success as he continues his collaboration with the Articulation Agency in the second quarter. Robillard kicked off his west coast tour to promote his new album “Left London” with the help of the team at Articulation. Through social networking sites and email marketing, Articulation sought to mobilize Robillard’s existing fans as well as expand his reach to new fans through the use of Facebook, Myspace, Jango and Reverbnation. The culmination of Articulation’s social networking and traditional marketing combined with Robillard’s talent resulted in a successful tour with new fans already asking for more.