Music Company Branding, Marketing, Google+ and more – 3Q11

Early in the 3rd quarter, Google released their newest social marketing effort, Google Plus. The search engine giant’s answer to the Facebook phenomenon is an amalgamation of several services that are already in use on other social networking sites. Google Plus features “+Circles” to allow users to organize their connections into social groups, sharing only selected information with each group.Through their “+Sparks” application, users can enter their interests and receive a constant feed of websites and stories that match these interests. The site also boasts their “+Hangouts” offering where users can chat face-to-face in virtual rooms, unlike other social networking sites. Google is currently in the initial testing phase of the new site with a limited number of users and time will tell if the search engine giant will gain its foothold into the marketing engine that is social networking.

Noteworthy Communication

Marketing and branding is a multi-touch process. It is important for companies big and small to maintain a consistent brand identity throughout each client touch point of their marketing efforts.This is especially true with trade show booth and banner design.Trade shows are an important opportunity to make a lasting impression on clients with a face-to-face interaction.Having appropriately branded materials will leave clients with a positive brand association, giving your company a distinct edge.Articulation recently designed and implemented a series of trade magazine advertisements and pop-up banners for a client attending a large trade show.The reusable banners and materials offered a professional and sophisticated trade show presentation and increased brand awareness directly with the desired target market.

News from Inside Articulation

It was another successful quarter for Articulation Agency and K. Brunini Jewels.We are honored to announce that K. Brunini Jewels was named the Women’s Jewelry Association’s (WJA) Fine Jewelry Designer of the Year. Katey Brunini and her team accepted the honor in July at the WJA’s 28th Annual Awards of Excellence Gala in New York City. Katey began her acceptance speech by thanking “the entire industry for this accolade” and warning them, “this is just the beginning and there are many exciting things to come.” Articulation supplemented the jewelry design company’s success through the development of an interactive flipbook—compiling all press features into a visually stimulating electronic book and distributing it to important industry contacts.Both KBJ and Articulation look forward to another quarter of much success and creativity.

Current Projects

MTV Hype Music artist, Marc Robillard and the Articulation Agency continued their partnership with a very successful 3rd quarter.Through the promotion and popularity of his sophomore album, “Left London,” Robillard’s music is now available on Pandora Internet Radio. Also, as an MTV Hype musician, Robillard’s songs Blown Away, Contagious, OK and Come by Now were featured on the hit reality show, Jersey Shore, as well as placements on ABC’s Rookie Blue and USA’s Necessary Roughness.The musician’s branding, marketing and online promotional efforts were supplemented and supported by our design and marketing team. Employing new tactics on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, the team at Articulation continues to mobilize Robillard’s existing fans and expand his reach.

If you are interested in music company branding for your entertainment company, Articulation Agency is here to help. View our marketing and branding awards here.