Facebook Changes, Website Designs and Rebrands – 1Q12

Late in the first quarter, Facebook announced the launch of company pages in the new Timeline format. Businesses can now showcase larger imagery, as well as post historical dates and important events, or “milestones” in the company’s history. When adding the important milestones of your brand, keep in mind what you want to portray to the user about your company and its history, this is an opportunity to connect with Facebook fans on a deeper level than before. In addition, the new ability to feature significant content at the top of the page gives you more control over interactions with your followers, and can help ensure that important information remains prominent. By staying on top of all the latest updates, your company can harness the power of social networking for more meaningful interactions with your target audience. The team at Articulation offers full social networking management services, including Facebook page best practices, and more.

Noteworthy Communications

After a website redesign or company rebrand, it is important to continue to push your company’s message and benefits out to potential clients. Increasing your online brand presence can be done through timely updating of strategic content on your website for search engine optimization, writing and distributing press releases to trade publications and utilizing social network best practices on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The Articulation Agency offers full service marketing and public relations support for companies across a wide variety of industries, helping you gain attention from your target audience, generate leads for your business, and better connect with your clients.

News from Inside Articulation

Early in the first quarter, the team at Articulation Agency did a complete website overhaul for longstanding client, K. Brunini Jewels. The couture jewelry company was looking for an entirely new site structure and design that would allow for significant feature enhancements and increased functionality, yet still paying reverence to the strength of the brand’s visual identity-developed on an easy-to-update content management system.  The new features of the jewelry site redesign include complete social network integration and an innovative layout and posting environment that allows users to interact with the site and each other, via their own social networking profiles. Using WordPress to manage the backend, Articulation designed an interactive and visual site complete with significant search engine optimization of content and seamless Facebook and Twitter controls for maximum exposure and reach.

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Current Projects

MTV Hype Music artist, Marc Robillard, and the Articulation Agency continue their successful music branding and marketing partnership. Since redesigning the musician’s website and brand in early 2011, the team at Articulation has worked to mobilize Robillard’s fans and expand his reach through best practices on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. During the first quarter, Articulation focused their efforts on promoting Robillard’s concerts. Through strategic social networking, the team is able to spread the word about both the musician’s concert and his music, as he continues to build his fan base. The musician’s branding, marketing and online promotional efforts were supplemented and supported by our design and marketing team.