Production Company Website Design – 2Q12

In the 2nd quarter, the team at Articulation Agency was approached by a leading reality television production company to do a complete overhaul of their logo, identity materials and website. Through effective design, Articulation worked to differentiate and position the production company apart from other industry leaders as a valuable partner for network professionals. The television production website and branding project included a new design (featuring a 1920s magic motif), updated imagery, integrated video, site structure, content and implementation of organic search engine friendly content and strategy. The team at Articulation also implemented a social networking strategy for the company, integrating the new site with new Facebook and Twitter pages.


Search engine optimization is a tricky, yet essential component to every business’s website. As organizations work to find an effective way to improve search engine rankings, Google continues to change the rules.  One important change this quarter that your business can easily take advantage of is the search engine giant’s growing emphasis on the importance of new content on your website. Google now shows the most recent content first, creating opportunity for businesses to improve rankings through strategically updating news sections as well as content across their website. Our team at Articulation works with several clients to maintain the news or blog section of their site, ensuring that content is regularly and thoughtfully updated with search engine friendly content.


A very important and interesting part of the branding process is core message development—to strategically identify and connecting with your target market. In a recent episode of the popular AMC show, Mad Men, viewers are given a glimpse into the creative process of brainstorming and developing a core message for Jaguar.  The show takes you through the ad agency’s process of creating an emotional connection for potential clients through a core message and subsequent campaign. And, the process was effectively and truthfully brought to screen in the quick clip. The team at Articulation Agency has the experience throughout a broad range of industries, making them perfectly positioned to help clients increase business through a variety of strategic marketing and branding strategies.


Marc Robillard, MTV Hype Music artist, and the Articulation Agency continue their successful music branding and marketing partnership in the 2nd quarter. The Los Angeles-based heart-throb had several big live shows throughout the quarter, playing to sold-out crowds at well-known Los Angeles venues like The Troubadour and Hotel Café. The team at Articulation worked to mobilize Robillard’s fans through best practices on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. Through strategic social networking, the team is able to spread the word about both the musician’s concerts and his music, as he continues to build his fan base. The musician’s branding, marketing and online promotional efforts were supplemented and supported by our design and marketing team.

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