Email Marketing Tips and Tricks, Music Promotion – 2Q09

Email marketing has certainly emerged as one of the most cost effective ways to keep in touch with both customers and prospective customers. It is also a great avenue for extending brand recognition and emails should be carefully designed, written, and strategically sent. Yet, bounced and unopened emails can result in a waste of time and resources for a campaign. While there is no perfect solution, it certainly pays to develop and maintain your emailing list through creative integrated third party opt-in lists that can be placed on your site and marketed to your target audience. Although convincing people to give you their email address can be one of the most creatively exhausting components of a campaign, it often proves to be quicker and more efficient than other methods of communication. In addition, email can result in higher return of responses and click-throughs and it is easily tracked and measured. Opt in lists serve as a powerful access tool to your client base and as a way to support your branding efforts.

News from Inside Articulation

Since mid 2008 the Articulation team has worked closely with a learning program, There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate, aiding in the branding, marketing, and PR efforts to develop credibility and build their client base. The design and content teams have helped with development of the learning materials, website design and development, a large-scale email marketing campaign, SEO, webinars, and social networking strategies. Attention has also been spent on increasing press, expert postings, and monitoring public relations. As the program continues to grow the team’s efforts remain focused on developing brand recognition, as well as keeping the clientele engaged and informed.

Inside the Industry

Given the increasing crunch on wallets and budgets, the search for unique and creative web design strategies that are also functional and cost effective has never been stronger. One design feature that has helped is the evolution of ActionScript that enable better ability to combine and bridge HTML, Java, and Flash design. This enables powerful interactivity and media output of what used to require all Flash, without the negative impact on SEO and URLs of years past. Solutions that utilize HTML, Java, and Flash elements together can provide the same rich user experience more efficiently than ever before.

Current Projects

During the quarter, the Articulation team worked on multi-sensory design project for a musician. The project featured a media-based website to showcase his music and videos as well as the design of an album cover for his upcoming release. We tried to really highlight the unique style of the artist, focusing attention on the music with a parallel design scheme. The efforts were tailored to showcase and communicate the identity of the musician, and bring media to the forefront of his image. The site was launched during the second quarter of 2009, providing fans with easy access to his inspired and heartfelt artistry.