Facebook, Green Initiatives and Banks? – 1Q09

Over a year after the launch of Facebook’s Pages, the social marketing strategy has taken the web by storm, with over 650,000 unique profiles taking advantage of Facebook’s built-in viral features, global audience and minimal downside to attract fans. With powerful brands like Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Apple, the NBA, and Barack Obama using the medium to target key demographics, increase awareness, gain valuable feedback, and promote brands, Pages have proven to be a worthwhile addition to an overall marketing plan. In addition, the site recently (and controversially) updated its aesthetics, newsfeed, and functionality, and this also included Pages. This could result in increased opportunities for interaction with followers, a deeper reach, and more vehicles for direct communication, making true marketing potential of this softer, networked approach to branding indeterminately boundless.

News from Inside Articulation

In line with the green movement and the company’s environmentally conscious attitude, a high-end jewelry design company is progressively transitioning its entire range of communications to an online platform. To assist in the process, Articulation developed an online version of its press kit, previously mailed out on literally thousands of sheets of paper. The press kit is available on the website and is also part of its ongoing—and increasingly online—client communications strategy. The firm hereby makes a statement not only with its innovative jewels, but also with its attention to a greater, greener aligned image. It is an example of how relatively small, cost-effective transitions in online communications can contribute to a more complete formation of brand identity.

Inside the Industry

Banks have not had it easy these last couple of quarters. All financial service companies are struggling with positioning themselves as a source of investment stability since some of the most trusted names in the industry have gone under. Interpreting current customer needs means may mean going beyond the traditional banking services that has many customers worried. The last quarter of 2008 saw an increase in financial messaging highlighting safety, security, stability, and strength. Industry trends in the first quarter of 2009 also showed that banks understand the need to differentiate within the lasting bear market. Major institutions have embarked on campaigns that highlight topical messages such as family, the need for an understanding financial partner, discounted services, and offering help spending wisely. Campaigns such as these are important indicators to consumers that the financial industry can be innovative and forward-looking despite the economic downturn, potentially offering a much-needed boost to consumer confidence levels.

Current Projects

There’s No Free Lunch in Real Estate’s website launched in the first quarter of this year, marking the beginning of a multi-platform design and content campaign driving web traffic and sales of a real estate investment education program. The program offers a comprehensive website and guide to building a real estate investment portfolio. Articulation’s design and development teams created the website and are currently producing webinars, campaigns, social networking strategies, and newsletters to help market the product line. A comprehensive SEM and email marketing strategy is also in place to further promote the program.