The Importance of Investor Marketing Materials – 2Q07

An important part of raising money is the look, feel, and copy that are included in the package of materials delivered to potential investors. Yet, this crucial packaging involved with business plans is often overlooked. As important as the financial component, effective positioning and design of a business plan can make the materials more organized and easier to digest. A good business plan should set the stage for the future brand of the entity, division, or product line, and should have the right image and voice. Whether for internal or external distribution, your business plan should resonate and connect with readers and should be a persuasive document to drive action.

Inside the Industry

There is often great benefit in building a branded microsite to support an individual line of business or position a firm’s unique expertise in a specific area of its operations. The site should have a unique name and specialized content, but it can offer a great deal of credibility to support the overall brand as well as the specific secondary or subbrand. If your firm has a really unique process that is a significant competitive advantage, explore your options for positioning the process with its own site, look, and feel. With the right marketing and linking, it may work to add credibility and support for not only the process, but for your primary branding efforts as well.

Current Projects

During the quarter, the team at Articulation has been working on several content refreshments for our clients. New content keeps things interesting and current, is great for repeat site visitors, and helps to promote and drive visitors to new areas of a website. It is important to make the effort to revisit your existing content and take the time and energy to add to it and enhance your image.