Trade Show Marketing and Integrated Campaigns – 1Q07

During the first quarter, the team at Articulation worked on the design and development of a trade show booth for a medical finance client that works with doctors across the nation. The project included the development of a large booth backdrop as well as kiosk materials. The efforts were coordinated with the overall re-branding package that launched late last year. With its new look and messaging, the firm has been able to exhibit powerful growth directly correlated to the launch of its new website and sales materials.

Noteworthy Communications 

The industry is finding tremendous success with integrated media campaigns that span across traditional advertising and into comprehensive web, email, and innovative new media outlets. Firms are targeting more specific consumer bases and reaching these market segments more effectively by delivering their message where their consumer spend their time and in a way that piques their interest. These campaigns include an integrated look, feel, and message across outdoor, websites, print, and follow-up materials that tell a consolidated story and drive immediate action.

News from Inside Articulation

Articulation continues to work with writers, producers, and directors across the world of independent film. This includes developing the marketing materials and campaigns surrounding the films post-production, as well as pinpointing messaging and investment strategies to support the capital raise to fund production. During the first quarter, Articulation helped launch a comprehensive website to support the festival and distribution efforts of LA-based Production Company and was working on two business plans for firms needing strategic assistance in positioning their financing opportunities.

Inside the Industry 

The design industry is eagerly awaiting the launch of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3—which is coming very soon! With all of Adobe’s acquisitions (including Macromedia), they remain at the forefront of the design and web publishing world, but Microsoft threw a wrench in the works with the announcement of their plans to develop a lower-priced alternative to the design suite. They may have a tough road to travel to convert the design world…time will tell.