Meet Articulation’s Growing Team – 3Q05

Articulation’s Santa Monica office at 11th and Broadway has been bustling with collective energy as our clients are benefiting from the addition of creative staff members, Ella and Tiffany. Both were instrumental in the launch of the agency’s new website in July. The entire staff worked diligently with our design and web partners to develop a site that truly embodies our values and goals for the business.

Noteworthy Communications

Google’s stock price recently topped $300 per share, giving the company an overall valuation of more than $80 billion. This certainly is a testament to their ability to find a competitive advantage and develop a brand that exploits that edge. They found success without huge national ad campaigns and their meteoric rise highlights the fact that quality can out leg spending. A great name, grassroots marketing, a simple interface, and investment spending dedicated to improving results! Now that the company has more than enough capital to spend, it will be interesting to see where they take their valuable brand.

Inside the Industry

When is the last time you did a brand review? If you are looking for better results from your marketing and communications, sometimes you need to first look within. We live in fast-paced and evolving world and it makes sense to take the time to ensure that messaging and branding goals still resonate with your audience. Performing regular brand reviews will produce better results from your marketing and communications. An Articulation Brand Review involves:

  • Talking to your customers, clients, and partners to discover how they see you
  • Analyzing where you are today and defining where you see your company and brand moving
  • Aligning efforts and developing strategies to best reach your market with the right message
  • Current Projects 

    The staff at Articulation is currently working on a branding and image development project with a firm that provides representation services for video game developers. We created a look, logo, and image identity and are currently developing the firm’s website. This client has been growing quickly and needed an image refreshing to match the level of sophistication of its clients and services.