Content Management, Gaming and Identity Building – 4Q05

A few months ago, the Articulation Agency launched its new website. This quarter, we also launched a content management system (CMS) to better manage our site and keep things current. This enables immediate control of updates and editing without any code or HTML issues. We understand that keeping any website up to date can be a difficult, time-consuming, and potentially costly endeavor. Yet, with our CMS, we can independently manage the entire site from any computer and without any additional software. A CMS is a simple, user-friendly answer to keep content fresh, add or delete pages, and restructure a website. The program’s engine handles the technical details, builds the menus and navigation, and keeps page layouts and design consistent. Changes can be made in seconds and even by the less than tech savvy. With a CMS at your fingertips, your site can grow with your business.

Noteworthy Communications

If you drove by Best Buy at midnight recently and saw an absurdly long line of gamers camping out for opening, you probably were exposed to the power of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 marketing. The branding of this next generation gaming console focuses on bringing the user to the center of the gaming experience—hence the 360 name. It does this through new features and multiple options to customize the entire gaming experience. These long lines outside stores across the country also represented the power of first-to-market initiatives. While other consoles may have better historical sales and user loyalty, the Xbox will benefit from beating its competition to the punch.

Insides the Industry

Small businesses are often attracted to the low cost solution. As business people, we are taught to scrutinize prices and limit costs—it is just good practice. Yet, business owners need to be mindful of what a lower priced template alternative could represent to their corporate identity. Sometimes, you do actually get what you pay for; a firm offering to create your logo or build your website for an alarmingly low price is probably just using a basic template—without much customization. You only have one shot at the right image and first impression and something that is not representative of the sophistication of your business image is just not acceptable. Treat your business and its identity with the respect it deserves and it will pay you back in the long run.

Current Projects

This quarter, the team at Articulation has been working on the second module of a corporate coaching program for one of its largest clients. After launching the first module of a sales coaching program that focused on setting goals, we have moved the program on to the steps involved in both personal and professional evaluation. This introspective module includes the research, rationale, and exercises necessary to help participants examine themselves and determine the traits that drive success. The module also delivers tangible steps to take advantage of strengths and complement weakness through better management and delegation.