Real Estate Marketing Campaign, Gaming and What We Learned from Apple – 4Q08

In the fourth quarter, Nintendo’s innovative Wii gaming system surpassed Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation in sales, gaining the position as top console of 2008. While both Sony and Microsoft attempted to improve their offerings with computer-like engineering and media center features, Nintendo stayed focused on delivering family-friendly, motion-detect gameplay at a reasonable price. Their innovative marketing push in late 2008 targeted non-traditional gamers, and highlighted the simplistic usability and also the social entertainment value of the console. The company also established numerous online social networking communities, multi-city music tours, and hands-on sampling events in peoples home and malls nationwide to promote the Wii as a household name. It earned a spot as one of the most popular and stylish gift of this Christmas season. With the Wii, Nintendo proved that Keeping an eye on a core audience and employing a streamlined, “less-is-more” approach to a product is a great way to best competitors.

News from Inside Articulation

During the quarter, the Articulation team worked a multi-pronged marketing campaign promoting a real estate wealth-building program. Positioning the process of investment as an extension and complement to the personal brand of one of their existing clients, one of the world’s leading real estate professionals, Articulation sought to build significant brand credibility to drive both sales and traffic to the upcoming site launch. The project incorporates a coordinated campaign of branding, marketing, and PR efforts into a comprehensive strategy including site design, content development, interactive webinars, product packaging, email marketing, online campaigns, a social networking program, and the development and production of promotional video footage.

Inside the Industry

Apple has successfully branded the personal listening device industry over the last few years with their release of the iPod, and had another smash hit this Christmas season with the new iPod Nano 4G, more commonly called the iPod Chromatic. Apple used a medley of advertising techniques to pump people up for the release of the new iPod by splattering billboards, public transportation, and print ads nationwide with a distinct nine color metallic rainbow. In their huge marketing push, Apple encouraged everyone to create a soundtrack to their life and established the iPod as an icon of funk, fun, and individuality. They have certainly positioned themselves, as the leader in music and visual technology by resonating, conceptually and creatively, with a wide target market and with their unmistakable quality, originality, and usability.

Current Projects

In late 2008, Articulation began work with a specialized social networking community, helping to develop a wide range of marketing materials to help support the firm’s growth. The design team was charged with coming up with a scheme and identity to support the firm’s web presence, while visually showcasing and highlighting the firm’s association with several major professional athletes. The flexible and portable materials were used to both raise awareness and market to potential strategic partners. The project also involved significant market research and copywriting to effectively reach and connect with several specific target markets.