Founded by the Emmy award winning producer of the show Who Do You Think You Are?, Genealogica is an experience-focused genealogy research team. The Los Angeles and London-based firm takes clients on exceptional journeys through history, and needed a website that not only communicated their services, but also sparked the curiosity of its high-end clientele.

Seeking a firm with a similar dedication to clients as themselves, Genealogica turned to Articulation Agency – a Los Angeles marketing agency capable of award winning website design. The Articulation team delivered a responsive, custom WordPress website that showcases Genealogica’s services, staff members, and testimonials from clients. The website uses a “parallax scrolling” effect to bring the user’s attention to just a few of the many captivating photos that the Genealogica team has unearthed through their research. The website will be a great reference point for potential clients to learn about how Genealogica can help uncover their family’s mysteries.