A Beautiful Cause for Celebration

Branding, Web Design and Development

A renowned West Hollywood salon had an idea: to create a place to celebrate beauty online. They wanted to share their professional insights and tricks of the trade with clients and friends, discuss the latest trends, and teach women how to get the looks they wanted. Beauty Coach partnered with the Articulation Agency to develop the brand identity and the online platform, focusing on creating a look that was chic, modern and elegant in its simplicity.

The team was challenged to create a glamorous high-impact site without sacrificing user experience, site performance or cross-platform compatibility. To do this, the aesthetic had to be fully integrated with the user experience and development strategy, and the site and CMS needed to be flexible and scalable, supporting the platform’s growth.

The resulting site features an image-driven responsive grid layout, logo, menu animations, and seamless social media integration. In the backend, custom plugins ensure the Beauty Coach team can easily rearrange the featured sidebar and incorporate advertiser content. The flexible build enables each post to have its own distinctive layout, incorporating block quotes, tutorials, galleries, and shopping suggestions, as desired. By focusing on the latest standards for clean valid code and web performance, the team was able to optimize the site across screens.

Beauty Coach launched in early 2015 to a very strong following thanks to its interesting layout, engaging content, and easy-to-use interface. By prioritizing integration of social media and Disqus, the design facilitated a high level of engagement, conversation, and easy sharing. Beauty Coach continues to empower its followers through discussions on beauty, insider access to celebrity stylings, and lifestyle posts about fitness and health, partnering with some of the most popular professionals and celebrities in the industry.

Marketing and Communications solutions included:

  • Colors
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Identity
  • Website design
  • Website development