Editorial Empowerment and Engagement

Branding, Web Design and Development


The Articulation Agency was approached with the branding and website design for a new business: Highbrow. Highbrow.com is a high-end editorial destination where leading beauty experts reveal professional tricks of the trade and visitors read, engage and discuss the latest trends. It needed to have a clean, modern design featuring efficient coding and complex features. The Articulation Agency aligned with Highbrow to develop and design a website fostering a community of support for those interested in beauty and trends in fashion.


The Articulation Agency worked with Highbrow from its inception to develop its look, brand, and website. The goal was to create something flexible, beautiful, and conducive to the engagement and empowerment of all visitors. The Articulation Agency decided on a powerful visual storyline utilizing clean, high-end photography and high-class typography, allowing Highbrow to build the presence it was seeking.


Highbrow’s launch was noted for its celebrity involvement, clean and easy to use layout and very strong following. Through a use of highly-efficient custom coding, the site was also able to host a suite of unique features without dragging down site performance. Its branding, use of color and imagery was well-tailored toward its intended target market, allowing Highbrow to take advantage of their traction and launch a series of customized products in collaboration with affiliated celebrities.

Marketing and Communications solutions included:

  • Colors
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Identity
  • Website design
  • Website development