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Branding, Web Design and Development


Carlin & Buchsbaum approached the Articulation Agency about updating its website to respect changing web standards and the state of the modern web. They wanted a more efficient site with responsive web design, updated SEO practices, and a more impactful messaging strategy to communicate the law firm’s core offerings to its target audience. Creating a new website for Carlin & Buchsbaum involved an overview of the firm’s strengths and personality.


In the building of this modern website, Articulation Agency looked to create something impactful in the space of employment and workplace discrimination law. In addition to being able to better tell the story of the law firm’s legal expertise, the website needed to be a template for future identity and information resources materials. Web design would require emphasize guiding lines and negative space, using visual cues to attract and guide visitors around the website.


The Articulation Agency team designed and developed the website for the Carlin & Buchsbaum law firm. The website utilizes a full width layout and large headlines. The vertical webpage incorporates multiple horizontally-scrolling slides in its layout, presenting information in an interesting and unique information hierarchy. A consistent graphical styling using custom vector imagery, icons and bold colors created a fully customized personality for the law firm. In addition to the use of large spaces and powerful imagery, impactful and resonant copy drew the attention of visitors and guided them to the information most pertinent to their cases. Though the overall styling might be considered progressive in the legal space, the overall demeanor of the website remained professional and helpful, creating a sense of goodwill. The website launched in mid-2016, matching the firm’s online presence with its modern standards and values.

Marketing and Communications solutions included:

  • Colors
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Identity
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Search engine optimization